"Longings" 2022

 “When guitarist Randy / Randal Meek walks into my studio here in Windham County, Vermont, Tom Eaton and I know we’re going to hear some stunningly beautiful and deeply heartfelt music.  Only last week we had the pleasure and honor to experience just that.  “Longings” will be his finest recording to date. “ 

Will Ackerman

"Holiday Wishes"

Peter Hons manager of Home Recording Studios. "Really nice guitar work Randal. Really good sound mix too. The feel really comes across. Love it."

"Life On The Deck"

Randal's debut Album after more than 30 years as a lawyer!

The reviews are both humbling and exhilarating:

View From The Deck

"Lovely piece of work on Randal's debut release. So relaxed, the songs unfold gently, and the stories are poignant and vivid. Dave's Song is a fabulous instrumental and captivated me so much I'll be adding it to my playlist.
Ken Bonfield

Gentle and Melodic

"A gentle, melodic, often wistful antidote to the agita and pressures of our everyday existence - yet with some surprises along the way in content and texture. Often reminiscent of Hawaiian music, laid-back but never bland. Fine alternating-bass guitar accompaniment for the sincerity of the vocals."

Gentle Brilliance

"This album is gentle and gorgeous. Listening to it makes you feel relaxed, wonderful, and happy. For an album, especially from a newcomer, it is brilliant."
Lynn Craig


"Fantastic album of mellow acoustic melodies that you can relax to. I found Randall’s lyrics to be thoughtful and authentic and stories that I relate with. This will be a regular listen for years to come."
Rick Lybbert

Bring a Friend

"Enjoying Randal's guitar style and warm vocal delivery is an easy thing. Relax into your time with this album, the music and the message...bring a friend, and your day will be a bit brighter for the experience..."
Larry Pattis